Permanent Values in a Changing World
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About Us

DHEF (Dawliffe Hall Education Foundation) encourages families and especially women of all ages and cultures and from every sector of society to reach their potential through formal and informal educational projects. DHEF has a Christian ethos and in its activities promotes respect for the individual, personal freedom, self-confidence and responsible attitudes in professional, private and public life. To achieve these aims DHEF owns and operates a variety of centres in Great Britain.

The activities of the Charity are open to all who wish to participate regardless of race, creed or social background. Spiritual activities within the centres are entrusted to Opus Dei, a personal Prelature of the Catholic Church.

How we work

Although the Trustees have overall responsibility for the running of the Charity, each centre has a management committee and enjoys a good deal of autonomy in the promotion of its activities. New projects usually spring from local needs.

A good example is Hillcrest, a club in Surrey, established after a group of parents wanted a base for their children's activities.

A parent comments,"In Purley we were able to find the initial deposit on a property through a loan from a supporter. DHEF secured a mortgage for us which the people on the ground finance through monthly donations, medium to long-term loans and fundraising initiatives."



Audited accounts for DHEF are available to view at the Charities Commission.