Permanent Values in a Changing World

Hazelwood House


Offering educational and cultural courses that promote the development of skills, talents and values, Hazelwood House in Glasgow aims to enrich the lives of all those who attend. 

Activities range from clubs and seminars to residential courses and retreats and volunteering opportunities. 

Professional development and leadership courses run alongside home-making and parenting workshops and conferences on fashion.



Hazelwood Club

Hazelwood Club is an initiative of parents to establish a place where friendship, trust and effective use of time supports the overall development of young women, aged between 9 and 18. They are inspired to live Christian virtues in their everyday lives and to challenge themselves to become leaders in society.



Extensive Restoration

Hazelwood House has undergone extensive restoration and refubishment. Fundraising continues to help with the high costs incurred by depredations that only came to light as building works progressed.

To support the Hazelwood House Regeneration Project visit