Permanent Values in a Changing World
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'Being a volunteer has enabled me to learn so many things.  It’s given me confidence and independence.  It has made me feel ready to work and be involved in other projects.  All the skills I’m learning like project planning, budgeting, teamwork, leadership, first aid and cookery are going to help me.' Shireen,  Volunteer Leader at the Baytree Centre.

Volunteers make an essential contribution to DHEF activities. Many are students, others retired. Some are in full-time employment, some looking for jobs. They all agree that you get back more than you have invested yourself.

A couple of hours one afternoon or an hour a week, any time you have to spare is sure to help someone.  Read our Volunteering page and contact us if you would like to volunteer.


Simone's story

Simone, an intern at The Baytree Centre, came from Germany to practise her English and learn new skills.

Simone reflects, 'It helped me to open my mind and develop new perspectives.  I loved to speak with the women about their lives and to listen to their personal histories.  They are very lovely and very thankful and you get back more than you give.  It is nice to see that your work can have a real impact, improving the lives of others.'

'I learned a lot about myself and discovered new abilities and interests.  I will never forget my time and experience in The Baytree Centre.'

Find out how you too, can help The Baytree Centre.