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As a charitable organisation, we rely on volunteers to engage, educate, inspire and motivate our beneficiaries.  They give the best they can to help others achieive what they've achieved.  Their passion brings out the best in all who take part in our activities and access our services.' Head of Youth Service, Baytree.

Volunteers help in homework and after-school clubs and mentor disadvantaged women and schoolgirls.

Others help in soup kitchens, fundraise and work with the elderly. Some take advantage of international opportunities.



Training is provided for all volunteers. Tailored to the participants, it covers areas as diverse as child development and research.

International volunteers have training on fundraising, language, culture and practical skills.   




Never too old for fun. Winton Volunteers regularly accompany residents at a local care home to get out and about. Here 83 year old Mrs 'Elsie Flynn' accepts an invitation from a young friend to join her for a spin.










Hillcrest Club runs 3 clubs for girls.A wide range of activities are offered by volunteers including talented volunteer Jenny, who runs craft activities which are always popular.





Students of Ashwell House travel to soup kitchens around London to lend a hand serving hot meals to those that sleep rough. There are more than 4.500 homeless people in London.






Volunteering opportunities

Opportunities to volunteer can be found through many of our centres:

Baytree centre

The Baytree Volunteer Service has on average 150 volunteers contributing around 140 hours a week to activities ranging from cookery to academic support of school-aged girls and manning the shop. Jessica Stoll, Cookery Club Volunteer comments, 'I came to volunteering as I wanted to help others, but little did I know how much they would help me to develop as a person.  For me, volunteering isn't just a duty, or something for a CV: it's a privilege.' To find out more visit 

Ashwell Student Residence

Volunteers from Ashwell House , an international collegiate hall of residence for female university students, use their talents to help others in homework clubs in inner-city schools and in community centres.  Some help in a soup kitchen, others visit the elderly. Many have found that like Shakespeare's quality of Mercy, 'it blesses him that gives and him that takes'. Read Nkiru Agbu's poem 'My solitary visit', or to find out more about Ashwell visit 

Fast Forward

The university students and young professionals of Fast Forward run a homework club in Govan, an inner-city area of Glasgow.  They act as mentors, tutor and organise varied activities including cookery classes, a film forum and painting easter eggs.  They also help run the Saturday club for girls at Hazelwood House.  Hannah remarks, 'Giving a few hours a week can be anything you make it - it's an amazing experience.' Contact Glenalvon for more information.  

Winton Volunteers

Winton Volunteers, supported by students from Oxford and Oxford Brookes Universities, responds to the needs of local primary schools.  This may range from teaching support to helping produce a magazine.

They also run overseas service projects and visit elderly homes. 'It provided me with the opportunity to step outside the 'Oxford Bubble' and take part in another community,' remarks Amelia, a US exchange student studying at Oxford. Contact Winton to learn more.

Corporate Volunteering

At the Baytree Centre we also offer volunteering days for corporate groups.  They can do anything from painting and decorating to filing. An energetic group from Lloyds TSB and the Bank of Scotland painted the outside, hallway, canteen and gym. If you are interested in Corporate Volunteering contact Baytree.