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Baytree Youth

Esmerelda remembers, 'I came to Baytree to get help with my homework and immediately became friends with one of the volunteers. She helped me not just with homework but also by encouraging me and supporting me in my personal life.'


Have fun, achieve

Integrated education and training programmes promote social inclusion and foster personal and academic progress.
 Activities range from supported study, literacy, maths and science clubs to streetdance, song-writing and sewing and knitting classes.

We are grateful for the support of Minerva Trust Tutors who are working with Baytree to support into school new immigrant teenagers with little or no English. They fund tutors including some from Ashwell Student Residence to provide not only English tuition but mentoring and cultural activities so that the girls can learn like others of their age.

"I really liked the museum.... [and I] liked going on the bus so that next time I don't get lost"  Cindy


Girls and their families

Many of the activities involve the girls and their families. For example,  Positive Relationships Education builds healthy relationships with friends, peers and family members and Cookery Club teaches participants to plan and cook healthy meals for themselves and their families.

PEACH for mothers and daughters is designed to help girls reach their full academic potential and give them guidance and confidence to meet life's challenges. Sonia comments, 'I like PEACH because you can talk about things you want to aim for and they help me achieve them.'



Term time and holidays...

Some activites take place during term time and after school, others in half-term and some during the holidays.
Once a year a group of girls are selected to go on a week-long, fun-packed and challenging residential trip to Jersey. Crammed with outdoor activities, volunteering opportunities and team building tasks it offers an unforgettable week to participants.


Find out more 

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