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Creative Art Club


The Creative Art club was set up at the Baytree Centre, one of a number of projects set up with European organisations that have a similar ethos to ourselves. 

Cristina, an artist and youth leader who works with the Prodean Foundation in Spain, joined youth leaders from the Baytree Center to bring the Creative Art Club to Baytree's 'Into School' Girls.

The club introduced them to London's cultural environment, encouraged an understanding of art and performance  and fostered mutual understanding and communication between girls from countries across the globe including Eucador, Spain, Somalia, Colombia and the Cameroon.

Each girl was given a sketch book and a camera as tools to focus her perceptions and encourage creativity.

They visited many London galleries including The National Gallery, Tate Britain, Hay Hill Gallery and Horniman Museum.

Contemporary art in London, specifically 'The Tanks' (Tate Modern),was the topic of a lecture Crisitina gave in Seville where she shared her experiences with colleagues from the Prodean Foundation.


                               ....... 'a new experience', full of  'unexpected adventures'!

"My parents are usually working and we live in south London, so now I have had the opportunity to go to central London and to know amazing art centres", Silvian (16)

"My first experience with girls from all over the wordl! It was funny to understand each other without talking the same language… I think our language was art", Charlotte (13)


"By bus from Baytree to every where, learning London history… even drawing on our way." Angela (15)


"I lived unexpected adventures. I got unexpected friends." Anna (15)


"Cork Street in central London is full of different art galleries. It was my first time in an Art Gallery. In one of them the manager was amazed at our questions and he gave us a nice catalogue for free. Then we told him about Baytree". Abigail (15)

"I have leant that art is not an entertainment, it is the reflection of our society. In this way ancient art is different to impressionism or the contemporary performances".  Veronique (15)


"To draw there, in museum rooms…. it was really a new experience. In front of a pretty master piece you feel yourself as an artist when you begin your personal copy. But you know? it's not so easy!" Shirley (14)


"For me the best was the day painting in Saint Jame's Park". Natalia (16)


"We went to an artist's studio. I saw an artist has a great imagination… there you might feel  a new world around you". Jennifer (15)