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Hillcrest Club


Hillcrest Club, an activity-based club in Surrey, takes place every Saturday during term time.


Volunteers continuously bring new talent and enthusiasm to keep the girls enthralled.Club mother Renata, runs craft activities, encouraging the girls to think of others while they acquire new skills.Professional ballerina, Lourdes, choreographed the juniors through two stimulating dance workshops  and Liz, a specialist in music theatre, directed them into performing a scene from the musical Annie. Both activities were received with great enthusiasm.



The Art of Living Competition

The Art of living Competition provides a challenging learning experience in the art of traditional home skills. It culminates in a competition of individual presentations of the chosen ‘art’. Cookery was very popular and the group spent some weeks preparing their entries with the help of Chef Clare Weston. Others entered with a fashion project, designing outfits from recycled fabrics.


And more..

Other club activities included study club and cultural talks, sports, such as dry ski slope skiing and swimming and fashion workshops with practical tips on how to dress well, choosing colours and clothes which suit them.

Girls also continued visits to a care home for special needs people where they perform songs, paint the ladies’ nails or play charades to entertain residents.











Hillcrest Seniors

Seniors, faced with GCSE’s and A-levels appreciate the club study facilities and come at various times on weekdays and weekends to study. They also visit the care home, attend talks and discussions on ethical questions, enjoy fashion workshops, photoshoots for T! magazine and fun outings (this summer to Brighton and the seaside).



Club activities finished for the term with a picnic at Hillcrest where families could meet one another and enjoy matching faces to the names they had heard talked about so often after club sessions.


Best things about the club: “Being with so many wonderful people and getting to know them. Also the friends I have made and the fun we have all had and shared”.(club member, aged 13)