Permanent Values in a Changing World

International Opportunities

DHEF has links with similar charities worldwide. It sets up shared projects and prepares UK students to work with local volunteers in developing countries. They help to improve living conditions through social projects that give practical help such as building stoves and water tanks, refurbishing classrooms or improving hygiene or that educate. More recent projects have been organised in Guadalajara, Spain ( to coincide with World Youth Day), Croatia and Uganda.


Uganda: A life-changing experience


An hour of balancing 420kg of craft materials, clothing and stationery between 14 suitcases on the floor of Gatwick airport was the ultimate icebreaker for the team of students who flew to Buziga Hill Primary School in Uganda for their summer break.

"At the school, the joy of the young children was infectious and you could not help but be renewed by it.” (Liz)

The mornings were spent teaching a range of subjects from English and Social Studies to sports and craft activities for classes of up to 90 children.


Afternoons and weekends were opportunities to see and experience something different:We saw Jinja and the source of the Nile; we visited the Sanyu Baby Home for abandoned children and a home for the elderly and disabled run by the Good Samaritan Sisters; we were welcomed into the homes of some of the poorest pupils.

These were joyful but hard experiences – catalysts for conversation and questions. "Uganda was a truly life changing experience. I was so moved and inspired by the generosity, courage and joy of the people I met." (Maddy)





The team persuaded a local paint company to contribute paint to paint the school. The company even sent helpers.

The results were amazing and the teachers and pupils were overjoyed. The press actually came to record the event.



Some thoughts:

“Since returning from Africa there isn’t a day I don’t think of the positive impact this trip has had on my life. Some people are very wealthy and have many possessions while others are spiritually, emotionally and personally rich. …I would change a luxurious house for a small round thatched African hut.”  (Jane)

“What helped me the most has been the conversations we had amongst ourselves about so many subjects inspired by the way the Ugandans live.” (Anna)

“Sometimes we’re very lucky to be taken out of our comfort zone and to experience life and culture in a different country……I was upset to see the poor conditions people live in…but what remains with me is not the poverty, but the energy, hospitality and kindness of the people we met in and around Buziga Hill.” (Carla)







“YES! My Ugandan experience was amazing! It helped me to see what true generosity is; the Ugandan’s cheerfulness taught me a lot. To even be a part of the joy and to help them with the little we could give meant a lot to me. It was an experience that everyone should have at least once in their lives.” (Lydia)

“Our summer in Uganda was absolutely transformative.” (Liz)


Gap Year

Through its world-wide network of contacts DHEF organises tailor-made gap year or shorter placements in teaching, catering and other fields. It links up with projects run by local charities with similar ideals all over the world. Teaching English abroad has been the activity that has attracted the greatest number of students. This work is now done through Wonder placements.