Permanent Values in a Changing World

Univ and Incontro Romano

Each Easter, DHEF organises a trip to Rome enabling students to take part in UNIV or Incontro Romano, international gatherings of students that consider issues relevant to society.

The trips also provide an opportunity to explore the cultural, artistic and historical riches of the Eternal City.

'It was great to see how students from different countries and fields of study interpret the theme in their own creative ways.' Victoria



UNIV is an international congress for university students sponsored by the Institute for University Cooperation (ICU). Thousands of students from all over the world share cultural encounters, congresses, concerts and activities that encourage them to delve more deeply into topics that challenge their perceptions of society.

Univ Forum 2017 asks the question:

Is not movement life itself? And if everything changes, what remains?

"If we look around us, life is nonstop motion. And today it seems to be accelerating more than ever. It is the rhythm of the working world: its fast pace, mobile networks, and ever-increasing communications that nothing can slow down. Do we really have before us a unique phenomenon, never before witnessed in the history of mankind?"

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Incontro Romano


Incontro Romano focuses on women's fundamental role in professions that focus on the person. It considers the place these professions have in society and seeks to recognise the value of different cultures and traditions. 

Each country has its own initiatives through which they develop each year's topic.  This culminates in the Rome congress and an international fair which provide a forum to share experiences and findings.




The topic for 2017 is ''Shaping a welcoming World'.


Each and every person is capable of contributing to the shaping of a welcoming world.  We need to foster “throughout the world a culture of acceptance and solidarity, in which no one is seen as useless, out of place or disposable.” Message of Pope Francis for the World Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2015

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