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Thirteen years ago, Taya Demeke's family fled Ethiopia in the midst of the bloody civil conflict. Life as a refugee was difficult and eventually her family settled in the Nairobi Waruku slum.

Taye now has a reason to smile.  Last year, she attended a seminar for high school girls held at Kibondeni College, one of Kianda's projects. She is now enrolled in a one year hospitality course.

"I am already so proud of all that I have learnt. Every time I go home I try something new."

"I would like to start a small business as soon as I finish to be able to help my younger sister to study. I also love how everyone welcomes me and cares for me at Kibondeni. I feel at home in the college."


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‘Into School’ for Baytree Girls

Minerva Trust Tutors are working with Baytree to support into school new immigrant teenagers with little or no English.

Often local schools are reluctant to include them on GCSE courses because of their limited language abilities. The application process can be a minefield, if not impossible, if their parents speak no English either.

Sometimes these girls have no school to go to for up to a year with little opportunity to make friends, to socialise or to learn like others of their age.

Minerva Trust funds tutors including students from Ashwell Student Residence to provide English tuition, mentoring and cultural activities to help the Baytree girls into school.

“I really liked the museum ...[and I] liked going on the bus so that next time I don’t get lost.” Cindy



Kamalini: Reaching out to Empower Women

"Women’s empowerment is not just a fundamentally moral cause, it is also an absolute economic no-brainer.”  IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde.

Kamalini Vocational Training Centre, one of the overseas projects supported by DHEF, runs 2 centres in urban villages of South Delhi. Their mission is to empower women to develop holistically through encouragement and education.

They offer courses in basic education, vocational skills and English as well as personal development seminars.

20 year old Krishna writes:
"I have learnt quite much from Kamalini - how to manage my studies, at the same time work from home and earn for myself and family. The course imparted at Kamalini makes us self-reliant regardless of whether anyone can move out the house to work or not."

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