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Enjoying the Challenge

This year’s  SMART programme included Junior Chef, a course attended by 8 keen potential young chefs.  Classes during this demanding programme  covered planning, budgeting, buying, preparation, knife skills, plating and presentation of food as well as the all-important cooking. At the end of each 2 hour session the girls enjoyed the fruits of their labours and each other’s company over a shared meal. Local MP Alison Thewitt’s encouraging visit during the 10 week course was enjoyed by all.

If I could tell you just one thing.....



Richard Reed believes that a single piece of advice can change a life. He has spoken to Simon Cowell and Lily Ebert, an Auschwitz survivor, presidents, artists, celebrities and survivors. The question he asks is, "Given all that you have experienced, all that you know and given all that you have learnt, if you could pass on only one piece of advice what would it be?" The answers are captured in his book, "If I could tell you just one thing.."  

Richard Reed comments "I’m lucky enough to have been on the receiving end of great advice and encouragement from my family, friends and role models. I realise not everyone is as fortunate. That is why all the profits from this book are going to be divided between five mentoring and social inclusion charities " of which The Baytree Centre is one. 


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Kimlea celebrates 25 years


To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kimlea Technical Training Centre, Kiands Foundation shares the story of one of the first students.

Mumbi, daughter of coffee pickers, couldn't afford even the small fee at Kimlea. Determined to contribute to the upkeep of her family and education of her siblings she walked 24km each day to Kimlea and back and worked at the centre on Saturdays and in the holidays to pay her fees.

Once trained she started her own business baking cakes that her husband, a photographer, deliverd on his bicycle. She began to mentor, boys, girls and married couples so decided to do a Counselling Diploma. She was so popular she was elected 'Local Chief', although this is traditionally a man's role.

She now works for the Local Authority, owns 6 houses that she has built and rents out and has registered for a degree in Business Administration.


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‘Into School’ for Baytree Girls

Minerva Trust Tutors are working with Baytree to support into school new immigrant teenagers with little or no English.

Often local schools are reluctant to include them on GCSE courses because of their limited language abilities. The application process can be a minefield, if not impossible, if their parents speak no English either.

Sometimes these girls have no school to go to for up to a year with little opportunity to make friends, to socialise or to learn like others of their age.

Minerva Trust funds tutors including students from Ashwell Student Residence to provide English tuition, mentoring and cultural activities to help the Baytree girls into school.

“I really liked the museum ...[and I] liked going on the bus so that next time I don’t get lost.” Cindy