We welcome donations big or small to help support our work. There are a number of ways that donations can be made.
Paypal Donate


We welcome contributions to our charity using PayPal. PayPal offers very secure transactions and you can elect to choose one of the set donation amounts or set your own donation amount.
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Gift Aid Donations

Many of our supporters make regular monthly or quarterly donations by setting up a standing order through their bank account. Download the gift aid form and fill in details for a standing order or make a one-off donation with the same form. For every pound donated by UK tax givers, DHEF will receive an extra 25 pence from HM Revenue & Customs, increasing your donation by one fifth.
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Payroll Giving

Payday, the best day of the month. Make it even better with Payroll Giving. Donating tax-free out of your pay is the easiest way to support us. Sign up today and your regular donation will be taken directly from your salary. It's a good deed, with zero hassle.

Not only is Payroll Giving super simple, but it's also tax effective. How come? Your donation gets deducted before you pay the taxman. For example, if you donate £5, the cost to you in your take-home pay is £4 and the taxman pays the rest!

Higher Rate Tax Payers

If you pay tax above the basic rate, you can claim the difference between the rate you pay and basic rate on your donation.
You donate £100 to DHEF - we claim Gift Aid to make your donation £125. You pay 40% tax so you can personally claim back £25.00 (£125 x 20%).
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You may want to leave a legacy to us, on drawing up your will, name DHEF as a beneficiary. Such a gift will benefit from having tax free status and therefore can also be used to reduce Inheritance Tax bills. All you need to do is list our full name Dawliffe Hall Educational Foundation, along with our address and Registered Number (278720).