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2 December 2021

How to win real love

Jason Evert

How to deal with boys, dating and everything else in between. Teenage girls agonise over this; mums and dads lie awake at night. Jason Evert, founder of the Chastity Project, has an upbeat approach to chastity which teens and parents can get hold of and embed in their lives.  

Talking to 30 teenage Hillcrest Club girls via Zoom from the US, Jason started by saying that today’s teenage girls just can’t win. If they practise chastity they are stigmatised as prudish and frumpy. If they are promiscuous, they get a bad name and unhappiness.

In addition, the toxic preoccupation with having a perfect body leads to further misery. Girls start to hate their bodies and end up hating themselves. But, says Jason, a perfect body doesn’t get you love!

Lifting the veil

Real love is what young women are looking for and living chastity is the way to get it. Girls need to believe in their own worth and communicate to boys that they are worth waiting for. Jason told the Hillcrest girls to test a boy’s real intentions by saying: “Don’t lift the veil over my body, until you lift the veil over my head at the altar”.

Watching from home with her 15-year-old daughter, Gertrude said: “We both thought it was wonderful to hear Jason say that girls should enjoy the season of being single, and love who they are at that moment, without seeking validation from having a boyfriend.”

One of many helpful insights from Jason was that while girls are seduced by what they hear; boys are seduced by what they see. So girls should win over a boy with who they are, not lure him with their body.

Esther, 15, said: “I found this talk truly comforting as it answered my questions and gave reasons for my beliefs and resolutions. I was motivated to live chastity and help others to do the same.”

Jason’s take-home message to the Hillcrest girls was this: Your body is a priceless gift and the longer you wait for sex, the happier you will be.