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15 October 2021

New club programme off to a rollercoaster start!

Hillcrest youth centre launched its Autumn 21 programme with a trip to Thorpe Park, described as “the ultimate destination for thrill seekers”. 38 girls spent a thrilling day, travelling at speeds of up to 80 mph, on rollercoaster rides. 

Club leader Aga explained that they wanted an action packed start to the programme as the girls had spent so much of last year doing activities on Zoom. Although Zoom was a wonderful way of keeping the club connected, nothing beats actually being with your friends.

The Hillcrest girls took full advantage of attractions such as “Colossus”, “The Swarm” and “Stealth”. “SAW- The Ride” is the “world’s first horror movie themed rollercoaster” involving vertical drops of 100 degrees from a height of 100ft.   And this was what 12 year-old Caroline enjoyed the most. She said: “I was really excited about going to Thorpe Park and loved all the rides I went on.” 

“Nemesis Inferno” is an inverted rollercoaster on which you spin, dive and swoop around 750 metres of twisted steel track at speeds of up to 50mph. Monica 13, “especially loved” this experience because, she explained “we went upside down so many times”.

The club programme going forward, for girls in years 7-9, includes pottery, a Master Chef competition and volunteering.

Mum Gina said: “My daughter absolutely loved the trip to Thorpe Park. It was an inspired choice to get the club programme off to a really exciting start. Saturday’s spent at Hillcrest youth centre gives a really good focus to the weekend for my daughter. She’s with her friends engaging in really worthwhile activities.”